Animal Abuse In Seaworld

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Seaworld the animated theme park situated at Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio has been several times criticised by documentaries such as “Blackfish” and articles about their mistreatment to orca whales. The Seaworld theme park, promises a educative experience, throughout several performances and water tanks exhibiting the exotic marine species, from sea lions to orca whales. Even though, behind the scenes of these vary Seaworld spectacles has come to the attention of many ex orca coaches and biologist, the mistreatment of the exotic marine species, referring specially to the orca’s. The problem lies on the animal abuse that the orca whales are going through when they are off stage, the long lasting live possibilities that are prohibited too…show more content…
When a topic so broad as the mistreatment of a whole specie is brought to the attention of many biologists, animal abuse plays a massive roll. In the article, “PETA files new animal abuse charges against Seaworld”, author Bob Ponting. Fox 5, “the organization asked the department to look into the issue of orca whales getting sunburned while in SeaWorld's care.”. This simple statement is prove of one of the several ways seaworld miscarries the orcas by allowing then to get sunburns. What this writer must understand is the preoccupation of the PETA organization of seeing this clear signs of animal abuse. Also in the “Blackfish” documentary, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite where it explains how orca’s such as Tilikum, 2010 incident, are forced to a unnatural breeding, by trainer taking the whales whales sperm and fertilizing it. This is shown in the documentary “Blackfish” when mentioned this statement “SeaWorld says Tilikum fathered 10 of the 29 killer whales at its three parks. That means about 34 percent of SeaWorld’s current killer whales share Tilikum's aggressive genes”. This is a clear prove of the animal abuse the whales go through during their captivity at…show more content…
While Seaworld otherwize argues that orca’s live more in the state of captivity, since they have full veterinary attention. From a scientific investigation this Seaworld statement is wrong. The WDC affirmed that orca’s in captivity have a lifespan from 8-9 years, not even half of their common wild life, 80-90 years. We are prohibiting orca’s to live their long lasting live possibilities they have in the wild, only for our self enjoyment and entertainment. How can we human beings be so selfish and not let orca’s free? Therefore, we are ruining their free lives, meant to be lived as they pleaced. Although it is not a misknowledge understatement humans know the terrible harm they are doing to orca’s by shortening their lifespan and prohibiting them to live a life when they are not prisoners of their own natural beauty, where they can live in a place they jump for happiness and not because their threatened of not getting food. The worst of all we humans are in knowledge of this terrifying mistreatment to orca’s and keep supporting this practices, by just buying one ticket to

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