Seaworld Persuasive Speech

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Every year tens of thousands of dolphins are hunted. The most beautiful are sold into a life of captivity while the rest are slaughtered. And every year millions of people unknowingly contribute to this excessive killing by giving business to its largest supporter, SeaWorld. Surprisingly, the SeaWorld organization also happens to be the biggest promoter of marine life research and conservation. But I am going to share with you what SeaWorld doesn’t want you to know and persuade you to boycott this company, First, by sharing with you the case against marine mammals in captivity and second, by giving you the sad truth about the inhumane methods used to acquire show dolphins. Now, I know that when you start to humanize animals, people can become…show more content…
But how do they get there? Unfortunately, the ways SeaWorld acquires these beings only reinforces that there true intentions aren’t in the best interest of marine life but to make money. Now, they call it collecting, acquiring, and capturing but Orcas and dolphins are hunted. They are commonly chased by boats for 8 or 9 hours before being trapped and torn away form there families forever. Whale captures started in the early 70’s. SeaWorld’s attempt to capture several Orcas in Puget Sound using powerboats, airplanes and explosives to drive the animals into captivity resulted in their capture permit being permanently revoked. Since getting their permit taken animals are now obtained through purchase from other countries. Countries that are still using these methods to hunt Orcas and dolphins, during the sometimes 12 hour hunts the animals routinely die from heart attacks, exhaustion, or get trapped in nets underwater and drown. Every year from September through March dolphins are hunted off the Japanese coast in Tiaji. Boats go out and preying on the dolphin’s primary sense of hearing, they put metal poles in the water and hammer them, creating a wall of sound that traps the dolphins at the shore. Then they leave them there over night, mainly because the fishermen are so fatigued. The dolphins spend the entire night in a panic stressed to the max, and this is not the kind of stress that comes from final exams, this is a severe physical and emotional break caused by intense fear and anxiety. The next day, the trainers come in and for an 8 hours t and separate the mothers from their calves, dragging them up onto the beach by their tails and dorsal fins to be measured. Looking for young female bottle nose dolphins, like Flipper. I have already told you about what happens to the ones that are sold into captivity, taken away from there families to never see the ocean again and to suffer through sensory

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