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The animals at SeaWorld are forced to swim in small tanks for the rest of their lives instead of the big open sea. The debate about SeaWorld being a good and bad place has been a major issue the past few years and even a bigger issue after the movie Blackfish came out revealing SeaWorld's deepest darkest secrets. SeaWorld has made many good points to show how they are a good place, how they care for the animals. But somethings just don't add up and from the research done, their starting to be proved wrong. SeaWorld should be shut down. Some may say that SeaWorld cares for their animals. Most of the animals have died from health issues and not a proper environment. Seaworld fails to care for their animals, in 2012 the USDA issued a report about…show more content…
Seaworld doesn't repair buildings and they lie about animal injuries. In 2012 the USDA issued a report about how some things at Seaworld were not repaired which resulted in the death of a sea lion.("10 Things You Didn't Know About SeaWorld - SeaWorld of Hurt") SeaWorld fails to repair things which even caused an animal die. SeaWorld covers up Animal injuries. Whales at SeaWorld swim closer to the top of the water because of how shallow the tanks are. So that causes them to get sunburns which SeaWorld covers up with Black Zinc Oxide.("10 Things You Didn't Know About SeaWorld - SeaWorld of Hurt")SeaWorld does this so the audience doesn't see the injuries that may cause any concern. SeaWorld lies about how dorsal fins are caused. SeaWorld claims that Dorsal fins are common in orcas but only about 1% of wild orcas have collapsed dorsal fins. They are caused when a whale is injured, sick, or mainly when they are in small tanks("9 Times SeaWorld Lied to Your Face - SeaWorld of Hurt"). Not only are the whales injured SeaWorld lies about it as…show more content…
During Shamus capture her mother was shot and killed with a harpoon right in front of shamu. Other whales that are killed while being captured are sunken to the bottom of the ocean so their deaths with not be discovered by the public. Whales have strong family bonds especially with their mothers. So the killing of her mother could have put an emotional toll on the whale. And the whales grow up without any family.("10 Things You Didn't Know About SeaWorld - SeaWorld of Hurt")Orcas don't swim the same length they do in the wild.Orcas are used to swimming over 100 miles a day in the wild and in captivity it is very limited to the size of tank.("10 Things You Didn't Know About SeaWorld - SeaWorld of Hurt") This is another reason that proves animals shouldn't be in captivity. The tanks are too small and the whales can't swim at much. This can cause whales to become aggressive, injured, and depressed. The whales at SeaWorld were taken for the wrong reason. The 5 orcas at SeaWorld were kidnapped at a young age from the wild. They were not taken because they were injured but for SeaWorld/SeaLand entertainment.("10 Things You Didn't Know About SeaWorld - SeaWorld of Hurt")It is illegal to take animals from the wild if they are not hurt and keep them in captivity. It is also healthier for whales to grow up with their families and they

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