Orca Whales In Captivity

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“Animal trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed Wednesday at SeaWorld Orlando by captive killer whale name Tilikum”, were the words spoken by hundreds of news reporters all over the nation. After trying to piece together the puzzle, Gabriela Cowperthwaite began to work on a film that argued the claim that Dawn Brancheau was targeted because she had worn her hair in a ponytail. Cowperthwaite knew there was more to the story, and she directed a film called Blackfish. A feud began between the film and the main “threat”, SeaWorld, which raised a lot of attention from the people. Three main issues argued in the film Blackfish and in SeaWorld’s response are the health of Orca Whales in captivity, the safety of trainers, and the effect the publicity has…show more content…
The film Blackfish argue that the effects of orcas in captivity is impactfully negative. The film exposed trainers that formerly worked for SeaWorld, which evidently displays credibility and logical appeal to the film because of their first-hand experience working and training with Orca Whales. The trainers, such as Mark Simmons and John Jett, are interviewed and comment on events that led up to the uncovering of the negative health factors from keeping Orcas in captivity. Trainers witness the daily struggle of many Orcas having to live in small spaces. For example, Tilikum was bullied on a daily basis from the other female orcas resulting to his isolation, teeth rakes, and aggressive behaviors, which then results to attacks, injuries, and even deaths to trainers. Nevertheless, the trainers not only worked with the beautiful creatures and are attentive to the danger they face daily, but the trainers built strong, intimate relationships with the captive whales. Also in the film Blackfish, there are scientists and researchers that expose another negative circumstance that whales not only give birth at a young age but are then sometimes separated from their calf. Some may say is alike to kidnapping. When Tilikum was first captured in the waters of Iceland to be sold to Sealand, he was separated from his mother and pod. During the attack of severance, Tilikum and the…show more content…
Because scientists and researchers put in so much of their time to become experts in Orca Whales, they have developed a sense of sympathy for the creatures, thus the film persuades the viewers to feel compassion for captive Orcas. Moreover, SeaWorld believes that keeping Orcas in captivity has a positive effect on their health. According to SeaWorld, through education and up-close, personal encounters with sea life that would otherwise not be possible, their guests become engaged with marine animals and their habitats. Realizing that killer whales are considered “endangered” because they are threatened by pollution and overfishing; capturing, keeping, and feeding the whales means they have a safe home and are being cared for. Trainers, researchers, and scientist now have the ability to closely observe and study killer whales which helps conservationists better understand and protect killer whales and other marine animals. As well as helping their counterparts in the wild. At SeaWorld, killer whales receive world-class, highly regulated veterinary care. Trainers interact with each whale every day;

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