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SeaWorld’s Fall I have always been very fascinated by whales, my interest grew so large that my parents eventually took me to SeaWorld. I was so entranced by their size and beauty that I was blind to see the fault. Ever since SeaWorld opened their doors they have been in the wrong. Orcas are taken from their natural habitat and dropped in tanks to perform for a paying audience daily. It is not even safe for trainers to work with the whales, many trainers have lost their lives doing so. Trainers are not the only ones at a loss here, orcas have poor health in captivity. Life spans are shortened, increased stress, depression. These are just some key elements that contribute to their declined health. Of course all those important details…show more content…
The orcas suffer from excessive emotional and physiological trauma. This is because young orcas are taken from their families in the wild and shipped across the world. This whole process is very stressful for a young whale and about half do not survive the capture. The whales that do make it are thrown into bathtub like pools at SeaWorld parks to be trained then preform for a paying audience . Mother’s having to part with their small calves is another majoring factor. Babies born in the parks are taken from their mothers in their first couple years of life to be moved to other parks which burdens the mother with an enormous amount of stress on her shoulders. Trainers have even reported witnessing mothers shaking in the corners of pools, making high pitched noises, the orcas equivalent to crying. In captivity the dorsal fin flops over despite what SeaWorld trainers say, this is not a normal trait. It does not happen in the wild, much like how SeaWorld says that the average life span for an orca is 30 years and that they live longer in captivity. This is again false, male orcas can live up to 50-60 years while females can live up to 80-100 years. Most of the facts that SeaWorld trainers spew out are false. I have even found myself believing it at…show more content…
Trying to convince paying costumers that it is completly safe and that " the whales don't do it because they have to, they do it because they want." It is disturbing and almost sad, the lies that seaworld feeds the public for the sake of saving money. Seaworlf would even go as far as selling the semen of tilikum, a male orca who has been at seaworld for more than 20 years. Tilikum is responsible for the death of three people, he is known for attacking his trainers and is a very aggressive animal. Even with their knowledge of Tilikum's behavior they continue to bred him, further spreading his aggressive gene. This basically guarentees another orca attack in the near future. Personally, i think it is dicusting that the owners of seaworld sit on there thrones built of dead orcas and lies, fanning themselves with 2.5 million dollars. Money should not be the only reason why whales are in

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