Behavioral-Based Interview Analysis

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There are both pros and cons to behavioral based interview questions. Often, these pros and cons are dependent on the skills of the question designer, the applicant’s social/cultural background and research performed to identify the required skills and behaviors. Employers use the behavioural interviews to evaluate a candidate’s experiences and behaviours, so they can determine the applicant’s potential for success. This paper will discuss both the pros and cons of administering behavioral based interview questions for both the applicant and the organization. Behavioral questions attempt to explore how applicants responded to very specific tasks or work situations in the past. The premise behind this type of interview, is how applicants have acted in past circumstances, will predict their actions in similar future circumstances (Schwind, 2013, pg.238). The candidate’s responses are then evaluated and scored based on responses by other candidates to determine the applicant with the best potential for the position (Schwind, 2013, pg.238).…show more content…
By identifying and examining the critical behaviours needed in the position, this can ensure that the candidate has the essential behaviours and skills needed for a successful job performance. Organizations often use this tool to determine characteristics like teamwork, critical thinking or professionalism in the selection process. This allows organizations to then select a candidate that would best align with their organizational values and thrive in the new work environment. This mutual alignment of skills and conduct is beneficial to both the applicant and

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