Google Talent Acquisition Case Study

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TALENT ACQUISITION The value of companies long ago was determined by its tangible assets .Today however its time to realize that its not tangible assets that has added values to the companies like Google, Amazon, BCG, Mc Kinsey but it’s the intangible assets namely the intellectual property that creates the future of business. That is why human capital plays a very important role in increasing the value of entire intellectual capital. The way these companies acquire, retain and motivate the talent directly impact the market value of such organization. Talent acquisition is a strategic approach to identify, attract and recruit top talent to meet the organizational needs. GOOGLE Google is an American multinational corporation which operates…show more content…
KEY FINDINGS Google has been a great hub for innovations because of their leading strategies which helps them in building their human capital. Google recalls its HR department People Operations, though most people shorten it to POPS. Google uses their websites for recruiting the right talent. They also post for recruitment on online portals for recruiting the right talent. 1. Employer to recruiter hiring : The ratio of employees to recruiter at Google is close to accurate 53:1, compared to industry average of approximately 400:1. Google receives over 1 million resumes a year and only hires between 1,000 to 4,000 people annually (there are currently over 1,000 openings) and that each hire needs to fit into the legendary Google culture. 2. Creativity: Google is known for creating creative approaches for recruitment. When individuals access the Google portal, goggle identifies the IP address of the visitor and if found to be from one of university campuses they actively added a single line text and asks whether the candidate is interested in job at Google. This micro targeting approach was simple. The initiative took private/public cooperation to an entirely new level, ensuring that students would have access to education inherently suited to real employer demands, and that Google would have unfettered access to some of the brightest…show more content…
Looks for intellectual humility: Google believes that successful people rarely experience failure and so they do not know how to learn from failure. Google want people who welcome new fact and supports other ideas. They look for people who embrace other ideas which is called intellectual humility, without which you are unable to learn. 7. GPAs and test scores don't matter: Google was once known for asking potential hires of their transcripts and answer sheets. After some years they gave up this exercise knowing that after 2 years of working your performance and your score has no relation. 8. Practice of “Acqui hiring”: Engineering talent is in hot demand. So much so, in fact, that technology companies are increasingly buying web startups not for the products or sites they’ve built, but for the team of people who run them. Google is among many tech companies facing the new management challenge presented by ‘acqui-hiring,’ the process of buying up startups more for the purpose of acquiring their talent than their product 9. Learning ability more important than IQ: Google looks for cognitive ability which is learning ability. It’s the ability to pull together little information .They assess to use structured behavioral

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