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Autistic Plan of Action ¬ Fatema Tayeh ENG 102, CRN 51915 Professor Neel June 28, 2015 Annotated Bibliography Working Thesis: In this paper, I will educate the reader on the types of intensive therapy used to help people cope with autism, and the tools needed to find support for the individual with autism. ABA Therapist Interview Questions and Answers [Online interview]. (2014, October 23). This interview is about question and answers asked about the effects of autism therapy on the patient. They discuss information on how the individual with autism feels about going to therapy. Many children feel like they are not like everyone else since they go to therapy for their autism, but…show more content…
The focus of the website is different treatment methods for autism and general information your pediatrician or a social worker can offer to help make the right choice in regards to therapy. Intensive treatments for autism’s main symptoms address the communication social and behavioral issues at the center of autism. Treatment programs may put together therapies that include both associated symptoms and core symptoms. The individual's treatment program will depend on his or hers needs and strengths. She included several examples. Applied Behavioral Analysis is effective for improving children’s outcomes, especially their language and cognitive abilities. Pivotal Response Treatment is used to teach language, decrease disruptive/ self-stimulatory behaviors, and increase academic, communication, and social skills by focusing on critical, or “pivotal,” behaviors that affect a wide range of behaviors. The goals are to foster social gains, communicative, cognitive, and language in individuals with autism. This source’s goal is to inform its audience about different types of intensive therapy for individuals with autism, and to encourage individuals with autism to seek the help provided by different healthcare facilities. It is useful because it relies on board certified behavior treatments that can be referred to easily and it provides a solid foundation for me to build on. For example, it explains how effective the treatments are for improving the individual's outcomes, especially cognitive and language abilities. This information could potentially help my research on the types of intensive therapy and the tools needed to help an individual cope with autism. It will also help me structure my essay, providing the basic information, which will lead into the specifics

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