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Area of Emphasis CSPU 639 Essay The chosen signature assessment, BSP (Behavior Support Plan), is an assignment from CSPU 639, Advanced Positive Behavioral Supports. This signature assessment clearly expresses the Program Learning Outcome (PLO) number 5, which is Behavior, and concerns being able to implement social skills instruction to support positive behavior in all students. The book used for CSPU 639 was, Beyond Behavior Modification: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Behavior Management In the School by J.S. Kaplan & J. Carter. The assignment chosen from CSPU 639 was to write a Behavior Support Plan. Before writing a Behavior Support Plan for a student's behavior, the teacher should realize that being an observant and knowledgeable teacher…show more content…
When the behavior strategies have been used religiously and there has not been a decrease in the targeted behavior then a Functional Behavioral Analysis (FBA) is required. After the parent has given written approval to have their child assessed the Behaviorist will observe the student several times, interview the staff, and the parent to see how others perceive the child. The Behaviorist will assess what is reinforcing the behavior, what behaviors are sought to replace the unwanted behaviors, then establish the antecedent, behavior, and consequence strategies. When all the information is accumulated it is time to write the Behavior Support Plan and anywhere from one to several goals are aligned with the BSP. To complete the BSP assignment, the class was given a 17 page handout of how to fill out a BSP. The handout was extremely helpful in breaking down what each section meant and the examples given were immensely helpful. The beginning of a BSP has information that explains what behavior is impeding learning, why it impedes learning, intensity of the behavior, and the frequency and/or the duration of the behavior. There are six parts to the rest of the…show more content…
With all the information of behavior strategies and how to write a BSP I felt reasonably comfortable with my attempt it write a BSP. In San Joaquin County where I work, teachers do not write BSP's. It is the responsibility of the Behavior Specialist and each Behaviorist is different, with their own ideas of how to treat a behavior. I do appreciate a Behaviorist that is willing to change strategies when they know my staff and I have tried our best, and the behavior is not changing. There have been quite a few times I have received a new student that the BSP strategy was not working before they came to my class, with brainstorming we come up with some new strategies to try and this has worked well. Writing this essay was an excellent way to entrench the information in my mind as I scanned over all the handouts and the chapters in our class book. As I looked through the 'used' book I had bought, I wondered why would someone not keep this book? It is filled with excellent information and is a great resource to keep for the future. You never know when you will have a student that needs more than what is remembered from the

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