Navy Core Values

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The Navy’s core values are: Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Chief H states that “these three words are the pillar of every man and woman who has served or is serving today. Our dedication to these principles is the basis of trust and leadership upon which our strength is base, success achieved, and serves as a covenant between this great organization and me”. Chief H also states that one who wished to enter the military should live by these core values as well, these values make a great soldier and also a great human being. Since chief h been in the military I have her perform great service to her county and to her community. For example when she see a veteran, while we are out to eating, she pays for their meal. She will allow senior citizens…show more content…
The same way the service member is prepared to give their own lives for a love one. Chief petty officer h told me she dedicated herself and her life to GOD and the military because this how’s she express her love for her family. Over the years the military has taught her how to be a better person, daughter, cousin, granddaughter, and friend. Although she going through a tough time with just losing her mother, she is holding on to those core values and getting ready to go on a special mission soon. Before ending out interview I thank chief H for her service in the military and the sacrifices she has made for my family and me to keep our freedom. I promise her the next time I see a veteran at a restaurant or walking on the in need of assistance or a senior citizen I will do my part in the community. Just spending a small amount time with her, inspired me to be just as dedicated to my dreams as she is to the military. I learned service military including chief H sacrifice a lot and so do their families, I am grate for chief H and all the other service members who service in the

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