Criminal Profiling

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Criminal profiling also referred to as offender profiling is the investigative tool, which looks at and analyses psychological and behavioral characteristics of an unknown subject. Thus, helping investigators accurately predict and profile the characteristics of an unknown subjects or offenders, and whether they are likely to have committed a crime under investigation. The psychological expertise of the people investigating such crimes and profiling criminals is of great interest for various reasons. It’s fascinating as to how criminal profilers are able to get in the minds of killers and discover triggers, or underlying issues which often times set them off to commit crimes. According to the FBI’s website there are various different scenarios…show more content…
The article defines the methods and stages involved with criminal profiling. In the article there were two studies done first, comparing the profilers and investigators ability against those with no profiling experience or knowledge such as psychologists and college students. Then, the second study compared profiles done by the investigators along with the non-profilers. The object was to demonstrate the skills used and the techniques which allowed for better identifications of criminal behaviors. There are several articles that additionally explain the process of criminal profiling and techniques involved. Some researchers have explained the use of CP through a case…show more content…
A second variable is going to include the length of time it takes to develop a profile, one that can be used in a case. Third, the length of time it takes from the time the profile is established until an arrest is made. It is vital to define the key terms prior to an experiment such as what criminal profiling is, for the purposes of the experiment criminal profiling could be defined as “Criminal profiling is a process that uses behavioral evidence to identify a potential suspect, or behavioral characteristics of a suspect. This is done based on the behavioral evidence that may be left behind at a crime scene. The real goal is to help narrow a suspect pool rather than to identify the one guilty criminal.” There are additional way that data could be obtained and that could include researching serial cases, as they provide a great deal of evidence and often are cases to learn from to better understand a criminal and the behavior tendencies. Especially when it comes to a serial killer they typically have a motive and a

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