Gender Roles In Disney Movies

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LITERATURE REVIEW THE PORTRAYAL OF WOMEN IN DISNEY MOVIES AND ITS INFLUENCE ON PERCEPTION OF GENDER ROLES Submission by – Dr.Deepika Salwankar Roll Number: 20140121103 THE PORTRAYAL OF WOMEN IN DISNEY MOVIES AND PERCEPTION OF GENDER ROLES Fairy tales are often the first medium that introduces children to the classic archetypical representation of good versus evil. It also depicts to a larger extent that good triumphs over evil, in Disney’s version of fairy tales in last 70- 80 years it is been a constant finding that women with power are evil, beauty is pure and everybody gets a happily ever after. In fairy tales or the Disney version of fairy tales the tale always begins with a pure hearted innocent princess, an evil powerful vamp/ villain and a gallant prince who eventually rescues the princess from the situation This study aims at investigating the connection between depiction of themes and gender roles depicted by Disney in its iconic movies and the impact it has on perception of gender roles, family and love. The age group chosen is 18 to 35 years of age as the study delves in understanding the impact of Disney’s representation in young adult urban…show more content…
Kohler suggests that gender identity development had two stages: first one is acquisition of a fixed gender identity such as male or female and second one is creating constancy in indentified gender. The first stage starts when the child’s starts identifying itself as a boy or a girl usually around the age of three years. After this gender identification is fixed the child starts applying gender labels to others. Once the child establishes it’s gender, the self is motivated to act and behave in compatibility with its gender. The second stage starts when the child realizes that their gender would not change with age and outward appearances, around the age of

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