Barriers To Effective Project Management

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NAME: Lakshmi Deepika Surapaneni 901595653 Solution1 A project manager has to be driven, passionate, confident and engaging in order to build trust, respect and credibility within the management team. Following are some other qualities that would help a new manager build trust and credibility: • Leading by Example: A project manager has to lead by example if wants to build trust within the team. A team always takes cues from the manager so, he has to trust his team and colleague first. • Open and Honest Communication: Honest and open communication is essential to building trust and respect. Project manager has to be open about his vision, goals and expectations for the team. For this he can call a meeting and define purpose and vision…show more content…
If the people in teams are from across countries and cultures, that would become a communication barrier. Soft skills workshops should be conducted. • Insufficient Information: One of the major barriers to planning is the lack of up to date information and facts. So, to overcome this barrier, all the people involved in the project planning should have regular meetings to stay abreast of the latest goings on in the project. One more solution is to keep all the key information in a centralized location like a SharePoint web server that can be accessed by the team as needed. • Lack of proper Leadership: lack of proper leadership can result in inconsistent scheduling and lack of direction and perspective to all the people involved in project planning. So, there should be proper leadership that could provide direction when…show more content…
• Communication skills: I believe that I am a good communicator as I can discuss my project in context of what’s the audience is looking for (stakeholders, clients, program developers.) I would use email and meetings for communicating ideas, getting status reports and collect information to make decisions. • Honesty and Integrity: A project manager should be honest and possess integrity to command respect of his team. I would always be honest with my team about what my expectations are. • Trust and relations: A project manager should have trust in his team to do their job and similarly team should have faith in its leader. Building relations is a two way process. So, I would take time to talk to my team members. I would participate in team building activities to encourage easy comradery between me and my team. • Passion and Enthusiasm: People tend to follow a person with passionate and competent attitude and optimistic outlook. And I know that enthusiasm is contagious. So, I would always present and enthusiastic and positive outlook to my

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