The Importance Of Teen Activism

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To this day, and maybe even longer, girls may not be going to school, electronics may not be reused, there could still be slavery, and there could be a lot more bullies than there are now. If it wasn’t for teen activist, this world would be awful. Teen activism is when teenagers find something wrong that needs to be fixed, and then do something about it. Whether they post a video on youtube telling about how it needs to be fixed or they grab some friends and get started right away. To be a teen activist, you need to have a reason to fight for something, have a plan, you need to be ready for anything, and you also have to be willing to work hard. Teen activism requires a lot of hard work because you need to raise money, sometimes change laws,…show more content…
An example of someone changing laws is Alex Lin. He passed a bill to stop E-Wasting. E-Wasting is when there is an old computer or phone or some sort of electronics and then they recycle it. The article, “Alex Lin Teen Activist,” it said, “This time we brought a petition with 400 signatures and again testified before both the House and Senate. Bill H7789 passed on July 6, 2006.” This shows that they worked hard to change a law. At first the bill was denied, but then they tried again and it passed. Another example is Malala. She has changed the law about girls not going to school. Since Malala has worked so hard to fight for girls to go to school, it finally happened. Girls can now go to school. The article called, “Malala The Powerfu,l” states that she “... is helping send 40 girls in Pakistan to school.” This shows that her hard work had paid off and she succeeded to get the girls to go school. The last example of teen activist changing laws is Iqbal Masih. He is one of the children who helped stop slavery. In the story, “How to Help,” by Karen Fanning, it said, “Free at last, Iqbal began traveling around his native Pakistan speaking out against child labor.” This shows that since Iqbal has worked so hard, he was able to eventually stop child labor. Even though he was only alive for 10 ½ years, his cause still went on because his friends kept it going Iqbal Masih worked hard to stop this for the 10 ½ years he was alive. Those are the examples of teen activist showing hard work by changing

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