Comfort In Your Home Case Study

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Inadequate technology barrier Despite the considerable advancements in technology and communication technology (Huq, 2009), there was a lack of knowledge in this area. Most marketing, communications, and business processes are done through the use of technology. Pan Pacific Interiors faced this issue head on. The strategy involved educating their staff on the use of CRM (customer relationship management) software; this allowed the company to engage their clients in a way they had not been able to before. The result was increased sales and revenue. This was due to the fact that in 2004 China “became the largest global wooden furniture exporter” and still takes a remarkable part in this business, enabling the companies to develop and gain larger…show more content…
With regard to this barrier, the company Comfort In Your Home was in a winning position since most material they used such as melamine, granite, and quartz could be easily found in China. However, “competition for resources, from raw materials to basic labor within the Chinese furniture industry” still is severe (Hunter & Gan, 2007). This opportunity enabled the company to keep the elevated shipping costs and high taxes and to use the saved money on other materials that had to be delivered from other countries, such as exclusive furniture elements and decorations. Through the use of a business partnership with a similar company in Japan, Comfort In Your Home planned to reduce costs and assure the future supply of the material that was necessary for their growing demand. Co-operation with another business proved successful, and after three months their material costs were lower than before, which made the business more profitable. James implemented the sustainability method: "reducing logistics costs through fleet, delivery, or vehicle routing management systems that minimize traffic congestion and energy consumption” mentioned by Seidel, Stefan, and Recker
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