The Delores Project Analysis

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Escaping from an unwelcome and unstable environment in Greeley, Colorado, Kara arrived in Denver in June of last year alone, afraid, and following down a road of drugs and bad decisions. She entered our Steps to Stability program and began the process of regaining her life. After a year of support in this program, Kara was able to secure a job, receive a housing voucher, and will soon be moving into her own apartment. The Delores Project brought Kara the support, acceptance, and opportunity she had been craving her whole life. She credits our shelter as an essential piece to her growth and recovery. “If it wasn’t for The Delores Project I would have been out on the streets and God knows where I would be right now, or if I would even be around. This place saved my life.” On behalf of The Delores Project, I am pleased to submit this request for a grant of $15,000 for our Steps to Stability program. The mission of The Delores Project is to provide safe, comfortable shelter and individualized services to unaccompanied women experiencing homeless.…show more content…
Long term care is not just putting a roof over a person’s head – it is ensuring stability and a strong foundation for each individual in order to give them the ability to permanently recover from homelessness. We aim to provide such care for each guest. Knowing that they have a place to return to each night allows an individual experiencing homelessness to spend their daytime hours productively. They are able to focus on resolving their barriers to housing through education, training, medical care and other programs that will help prepare them for independent

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