Racism In Politics

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The issue of politics for any particular political system is a widely discussed topic. Many commentators usually have different points of views while discussing it. However, the general assertion is that politics is equivalent to a game of chances; whereby, winning or losing is dependent on several underlying factors. Furthermore, healthy politics is said to be that kind of politics that is wholly inclusive. It should not aim at segregating individuals according to their gender, race or any other specific orientation that applies to just a handful of the vast population. Racism is an issue that is never skipped in political campaigns, leave alone the discussions. Some politicians would gain support by repeatedly declaring their support for…show more content…
Some individuals measure political correctness from the words used by an individual in their speech. Others measure political correctness from the ambitions of a politician. However, the most important point to be taken is to do a closer analysis of the trends within the country. The trends could range from the economic to the social point of view. There has been a continuous decline of the social well being of the white Americans as evident from the census statistics. Further, the election of a non-white president is an indication of how the Americans themselves had became the minority in their own country. With less doubt, this is one of the reasons that could have led to Trump’s rigid sentiments about his strategies of making great again. The meaningfulness of the sentiments can well be comprehended if the original point of the thinker’s view is that America was once great. For instance, Donald Trump’s view on massive deportations, temporarily locking Muslim immigrants and construction of a wall along the Mexican border were highly criticized as racial. Nonetheless, it is important to note that Trump was politically…show more content…
This has been transparent for almost everybody to see. However, there have been claims that these identity politics have bridged the racial differences. The color coding has been spearheaded by our liberal educational institutions. Whereby, everyone in the universities is aware that they are trading on grounds that are painted with racial discrimination. For that reason, fear has been instilled in most young men and women, others being angered too. Therefore, the process of achieving political correctness should first beginning by ensuring that there is conformity and correctness imposed on the society through the liberal education. For liberalization to happen there is need to refurbish the learning institutions and keep the independent without politics. Its resilience should be respected as a center for polishing the existing racial

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