Banning Books In Schools

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At the library a child can check out anything, even if it is bad or not what their parents want them to learn. America should ban books because it can adversely affect the youth even though some see it as compromising the constitution. Children in America need safe environments to learn and express themselves and book banning can support that. The sexual content in books often conflict with the moral values of the community and if deemed inappropriate, it should be removed. The profane language in some books such as The Catcher in the Rye can obscene and offensive to the general public that it should be banned from the public library. America should ban books for the benefit of the people. Children should be able to be in an environment that is safe for them to explore, not an environment that enables them to discover drugs and other bad things. Children are impressionable and, in they read trash, be formed to the culture. Children are at the most impressionable time in their lives and should be filled up with things that are a benefit to society, not the stuff that is filling the school and public libraries. Children, after their precious minds are filled up with unbecoming things, will be doing the things that in the books or whatever media that they are using. Children are impressionable and are able to be filled up with ideas and things that an adult…show more content…
Some of the books that children can get a hold of at the public library are filled with language that can be offensive to most everyone. Some of the books at the public library are full of things that would be offensive to the general public that it stands to reason that they should be removed. Some of the books at the public library should be removed. By censoring the media at the library the public administrators can insure that the general public is safe from bad influences that is exerted on children by

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