Banning Books In Schools

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Do you think school boards should ban books from schools? Well I do! School boards should ban books from school libraries because of some violence and profanity in some of books. Another reason is because some books are over some kids reading level and so they can’t comprehend the books so there is no reason for it to be in the school. On the other hand some people think they should not ban books because, different people learn at different levels, they have the freedom the read whatever they want and one other reason is they say almost every book has something inappropriate. For example, you should not have a high school level book in an Elementary school for the students to read. As you can see, banning books from the school libraries might conclude some of the bad things happening in schools. Based on the finding of banning books from the school boards, this side can argue that yes you should be able to ban books from school boards. As stated in “common Reasons for Banning Books”,…show more content…
As stated in the text mention above, it was a proven fact that 1,256 were challenged to material considered non age-appropriate or “unsuited to age group”. Another example from Common Reasons for Banning Books is that 1,607 books were challenged to “explicit” materials. Let’s just say that in this Elementary school there is a book that say grades 6 and up. Those books should not be in that elementary school because it has a theme that the kids can’t even understand. If the kids in that schools can’t even understand it why have it in that school? In those books that that say grades 6 and up, there is a reason they put that on the back because the dialog contained in that books in not proper for kids in elementary school. It has been shown, if the books are age inappropriate for that specific school it should be

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