Billy's Final Wish Characters

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For our project, we created a short story accompanied by illustrations titled: “Billy’s Final Wish”. The story is about a 12 year old boy, referred to as Little Billy, who is dying of AIDS. His parents want someone to visit Billy in the hospital and give him a blessing. They call up someone who specializes in grief support and family counseling, not realizing it is a Catholic priest. The name of the priest is Father Pancho, and he is problematic. He has been out of work for months and has made no progress with his life. When Pancho arrives at the hospital, Billy’s parents realized they made a mistake. They needed a rabbi for Billy because he is Jewish and Father Pancho is Catholic. They decide to go along with the process and trust that Father Pancho will make it work. Since he is problematic, Father Pancho is slightly intoxicated when he arrives at the hospital. When Billy’s mom told him to “make it work” he decided to be a fake rabbi. He puts on an act and even has a…show more content…
Father Pancho is a 63 year old man who enjoys watching children’s shows on Disney Channel. When he receives the phone call about Billy, he was watching an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, a show with two young boys as the main characters. The illustration shows him sitting on the couch watching TV with the Disney logo on display. Father Pancho competes in Dungeons and Dragons tournaments and Live Action Role Play, something that is for young adults who are extremely passionate about gaming. Also, he binges off of Fruit Gushers and Hot Pockets—something we wouldn’t expect from a priest, but from a stereotypical teenager who doesn’t have right mind to feed themselves properly. When he decides to impersonate a rabbi, it is not only incongruous, but also an example of Bergson’s theory of inversion. He is physically switching from a priest to a rabbi. The priest and the rabbi, in his mind, are two different

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