The Importance Of Banning Books In Schools

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In the years within 1990 and 2000, almost 7,000 books were reported to be banned from schools libraries across the United States. Many of those books and other books have been banned from school libraries since then. Many people believe these restrictions to be against our rights and freedoms as an American citizen. One book by a famous author named R.L. Stine has been known to have be banned from schools and public libraries. The title of the book is “The Taste of the Night” and it was banned for being “Too mature for a campus level audience.” That means that schools believed that it was too graphic or horrific to be read by students in school. Many other books have been forbidden or suppressed from schools in order to make sure that children…show more content…
No, we should not show 8 year-olds sexually explicit material. But schools should allow students the option to read any and all books by the time that they are in high school. Many of these books contain nudity, offensive language, violence, or promotion of a religious viewpoint. Out of all of these genres to reasons on why they are banned the biggest offender is sexually explicit material. What schools should do is put the books into two categories. Many books that are banned or restricted should be placed into sections where they allow students to read then at certain times. By high school, anyone who believes that the student population is naive enough to know about those topics needs to pull their head out of the water and look around. Especially in the year 2015, students are smarter than ever. Anyone can want to know something or search something on the Internet and all they have to do is pull up a computer. Schools and corporations are ignorant enough to think that teenagers and even middle school students don’t already know about offensive language, or even horror. It is unintelligent to hide books that old- minded corporations think is inappropriate from students at least at a high school level. By the age of 14, libraries should allow the population to read whatever books they like because by then they already know about such…show more content…
When teaching, teachers want to be able to tell their students the whole truth. Other than books, some parts of history are censored from the youth and students because they might be too gory or inappropriate for the age. Information that teachers need to talk about to get a point across, they are not allowed to talk about. I believe that teachers themselves should be allowed to have control over what their classes teach. Teachers are adults who should know what is appropriate for the age of the children. Censoring sexually explicit material from school is fine. It has nothing to do with how the students learn about certain topics and such. The censorship that doesn’t allow students to learn about things such as homosexuality, religion, or news, is ridiculous. The fact that they are banning books for having homosexual themes they do not have any books banned for having heterosexual themes in specific is ridiculous. Teachers should be allowed to teach about current events and what is happening in the real life otherwise when these students grow up, they will not know what is happing around

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