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Plot: Dr. Ransom is kidnapped by two evil men and taken to the planet Malacandra as a human sacrifice that was requested by the sorns. Upon arriving in Malacandra, Ransom was able to escape to a village of hross where he lived for about a month. While interacting with the hross he not only learns the language, but he also discovers how perfect the Malacandrian society and perspective of life is. Then he is visited by an eldil who tells Ransom that he has been summoned by Oyarsa. Oyarsa explains to Ransom that there was no intention of a human sacrifice. (language barrier) But he says that the two men have brought evil into the perfect world of Malacandra and that they needed to get off the planet and back to Thulcandra. Dr. Ransom decides…show more content…
Divine: These are the bad guys of the story. Divine’s intentions of traveling to Malacandra stop at his hopes of panning the mineral-rich rivers of the planet. He is lazy, cowardly, and greedy. Weston’s reasons are more scientific. However, it is revealed in later books that his intentions are much more sinister than anyone is aware of. Infact the evil is much more outside of himself than even he knows. Oyarsa: The good and perfect ruler of Malacandra. Oyarsa is somewhere between god and hnau. Each planet has it’s own Oyarsa. Ransom is eventually summoned to Oyarsa so that Oyarsa can explain to Ransom the story of Thulcandra and how it has become so bent. Maleldil: The supreme ruler if the universe. He created all the planets and hnau. He is good and he cares about his hnau. Hyoi: Hyoi is the first hross that ransom meets. He took Ransom to his village and taught him the language. He and Ransom have many talks discussing motives and contentment. Hyoi and the other hrossa were astonished that humans are naturally self-centered. Augray: Augray is a sorn. He accompanies Ransom on his journey to speak with Oyarsa. While they walk Augray explains to Ransom the history of Malacandra and what it has meant. He also tells Ransom many things about the culture of…show more content…
Although I do find it important to note that the book was written before the space age had begun. So the descriptions of Mars and space travel are totally fiction. I find this aspect makes the writing all the richer. The book begins with Ransom on a walking tour through London. But much of the book is spent in the space ship traveling to Malacandra. Shortly after they arrive, Ransom runs away into a handramit where he meets Hyoi. Hyoi takes him to the hrossa village. While he is with the hrossa Ransom is summoned by Oyarsa. Oyarsa lives in Meldilorn which is a “sacred” island filled with beauty. On his way to Meldilorn, Ransom had to pass over the barren handra and mountains where the sorns live. This was where he encountered Augray who escorted him the rest of the way to Meldilorn. Finally the book ends with Ransom back in England. It is very interesting reading a book set in another world. It really allows your imagination to soar. I imagine that the experience for Ransom would be similar to how a person who was blind at birth might feel if they could all of the sudden see. C.S. Lewis’s ideas of Mars were truly

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