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Many of people have been banning books from schools because they have a negative encounter on children’s lives. School libraries should be able to ban books because of violence, inappropriate age, and inappropriate content. Some books can impact people negatively in their daily lives. If someone were to read a book with a warning on the back about the age content, but doesn’t read it, then there might be curse words or something very inappropriate that the person may catch on and say at home. Violence is another thing kids could see in a book that could be comprehended wrong. Negative content is something that only some books have, and by having those in public school libraries can cause something unacceptable to happen. The first amendment…show more content…
According to “Common Reasons for Banning Books”, it states, “Books with content that include violence are often banned or censored.” Especially little kids who could think violence is okay from something that is read in a book. It has been shown that “people from different age groups read greater reading levels,” according to the article “Common Reasons for Banning Books”. Many books that school boards put in school libraries are mostly above ones age level and can have lots of inappropriate content, including curse words. Curse words are in the common knowledge for teenagers but it is not okay go say those words in a public place out loud, and books have some of those words so they should be banned from public schools. It is a good idea to not ban books because of the first amendment stated in the article “Schools and Censorship: Banned Books”. The first amendment says that we have the right to have freedom of speech and freedom to express ones opinion on things; however, banning books is for the safety of children’s lives and education in public

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