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Book Banning Imagine a small child looking everywhere for a mystery book in a school library, but with no luck finding one because all of them have been banned. The banning of certain books from school libraries should not be allowed. Books are an inside look into the world. Books are a peek into jobs and subjects that one might be into. Religious views also need to be decided by the child’s choice. The book banning limits creativity especially in children. Some books contain age inappropriate material that school boards may not want young students to read. However, school boards should not be allowed to ban certain books from school libraries; children need books to have an understanding of the real world so they can plan better for the future.…show more content…
Books boast creativity especially in young growing minds. If a child wants to learn about law, but all the books about detectives and mysteries are banned, how will that child know or have a fair advantage about reading and learning about those certain types of things? Also what is holding back the libraries from banning everything if they have the ability to ban just some books? The snowball effect would take place in school libraries with their books. In short, books are an inside look into the world. Secondly, the significance of one’s age is compared to their maturity is very fine line. The words children will read in books they will eventually be introduced as they get older. Even relations between two people will be introduced through friends, internet, and maybe even parents. Children have a level of maturity that each child knows there boundaries. Most children won’t even step outside their comfort zone even if it means missing out on a good book. In brief, a child knows there zone of reading and there age usually does not conjoin with that

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