The Controversy Of Banned Books In Schools

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Banned books are books that were taken off the shelves in libraries and most often times schools. A few steps need to be taken in order to ban a book. The first step to getting a book banned is to challenge it or ask to restrict certain materials from the book. Only a small amount of the books that are reported to the American Library Association are successfully challenged. In order to challenge a book the book must contain sexual content, offensive language or inappropriate material for the age group (About Banned & Challenged Books). Banning and challenging a book is thought to restrict and threaten the freedom of speech and choice. After a book has officially been challenged then they are qualified to request the book to be banned. Now the final steps to completing the banning process is first to wait for the response from the American Library Association on whether or not the book will be banned. Then if the book is qualified to be banned then this piece of literature is removed from the library or schooling area. If the book is not qualified to be banned then the library or schools do not have to remove the books from there inventory (Book banning).…show more content…
The first reason is because the book contains sexual content. Many schools believe the sexual content in schools reading is inappropriate and can lead to poor choice making skills. The second reason is because of offensive language such as curse words, racial slurs, and absurd dialog. Many adults are worried if children read inappropriate language then they will use these newfound words without fully understanding the meanings or consequences. The final reason a book can be banned in a school is because the content is inappropriate for the age group of the school. For instance, schools would not find it appropriate for kindergarteners to read the Vikings touch because of its sexual content (About Banned & Challenged
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