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ust imagine something for me: You’re at the library, and a book you’ve been waiting months for has just come in. You go to the librarian to see if it’s available, just to find out that it isn’t there- not because someone is already reading it, but because someone in your community thought it had inappropriate content in it. As said on the Banned Books Week website, “The library of congress created an exhibit, “Books that Shaped America”, that explores books that “have had a profound effect on American life.” Following that was an a list of books such as To Kill a Mockingbird that have been classics for years, and some like Captain Underpants that have only started to take it’s toll on society. Banning books has taken away the opportunity to think differently about controversial subjects and denies people an opportunity to debate those subjects. Though there are many other sources in society today that bring these subjects to our attention, authors word them in a way that the younger generation can connect to and understand the issues more thoroughly. First, the first amendment claims that there will be freedom of press; second, banning certain books will…show more content…
“The ability to read, speak, think and express ourselves freely is a fundamental freedom that sustains and upholds our democratic society,” said the American Library Association (ALA) President Barbara Stripling. Also, as said by Macey Morales of ALA news, “Book challenges to school library materials are not the only threat to students' freedom of inquiry. Online resources, including legitimate educational websites and academically useful social networking tools, are being blocked and filtered in school libraries.” This effort will be completely demolished eventually, because the students can go onto an outside computer or library and get the book out

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