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Purpose: The purpose of this project is to experiment with an unknown bacterium and conduct a series of tests to help identify what bacteria it is within the Enterobacteriaceae family. Identifying a bacterial species can play an important role in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, research, medicine, bacterial growth, etc. This study will be done by applying the test/methods that have been performed thus far in the microbiology lab. Each test performed will be a key in helping identify the unknown bacterium from a mixed culture. Some tests used to identify Gram-negative bacteria are oxidase test, methyl red, Voges-Proskauer, MacConkey agar, citrate agar, urease test, and sulfur indole motility media (SIM) (Watson). By using Biochemical…show more content…
Citrobacter freundii is known to cause nosocomial infections of the urinary tract, respiratory tract, blood and other normally sterile sites in the body. A weak immune system makes a body more predisposed to attracting the Citrobacter freundii infection. Elderly people and patients who are hospitalized for long period of times are usually those who gain the symptoms of infection caused by the bacteria, Citrobacter freundii. With early detection doctors are able to prescribe medication to manage the bacterial infection. Medications have been made to adjust to certain levels of infection. It is shown that cases that are neglected and go on without treatment have the end result of death. The morality rate of Citrobacter freundii is relatively high, with the death rate ranging from 25-50 percentiles. Another fact about attracting Citrobacter freundii is that about 75% of those who survive the infection also gain severe neurological problems (Badger). With my experiment and further studies on the Citrobacter freundii bacteria it is possible to help those who gain the bacteria in their bodies. With additional experimentation and studies, microbiologists can find ways to identify the bacteria quicker, learn more about the bacteria, and find treatments on how to treat the bacteria. In conclusion, by executing numerous biochemical tests and identifying the unknown bacterium we can conclude and confirm the bacteria to be Citrobacter freundii, by identifying the exact bacteria we can tell it apart from other bacteria’s in the Enterobacteriaceae family based on the certain characteristics it

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