How Did Robespierre Justify The Reign Of Terror

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The reign of terror, a period which lasted from seventeen ninety-three to mid seventeen ninety-four, during the french revolution where countless thousands were guillotined, if assumed an enemy of the revolution. A frightful span of months where France was being purged of all counter revolutionists. While the description of the reign of terror being a purging of all opposing the french revolution is true, many other factors led and played into the event. For example, the factors that led to the Jacobins instituting the terror, the main victims of the terror, the way Robespierre justified the terror, and the how the terror failed to accomplish its goal. The reign of terror was the outcome of several different events starting in seventeen ninety-two. During October, the people of Paris were panicking and becomes chaotic…show more content…
This resulted in the legislative assembly government collapsing and taken over by the national convention. Eventually the national convention would dispose of the monarchy ideology, and proclaim France as republic. Meanwhile, the people in Paris were going haywire because France was going through drastic changes. The national convention worsened the situation when they sentenced King Louis XVI to the guillotine. The act of executing a country's monarch leader shocked other European monarchies, who despised this act because they didn't want their own countries to be influenced and be overthrown. The national convention would later declare war against the European monarchies, which included Spain, Austria, and Holland. The guillotine execution of King Louis XVI was the first big factor leading into the terror, the second was the making of the committee of public safety, led by

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