Burger Patty Lab Report

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A: Summary The report is about the lab-made burger patty. Technology has reached a point, where scientists are able to make a burger patty in the lab. There are some issues that follow with this technology. One of them is the price of the burger patty is $300.000, which makes it impossible for a normal consumer to buy it. An another issue such as the taste will also come in to play, where it has a taste that satisfies the people and also the nutrients in the meat. Besides the “ick-factor” that this meat gives the consumer, it is not so disgusting as people maybe think, because of the stem cells coming from the shoulder of the cow, where original burger patties from quicker style restaurants is a combination of meat residues from all food factories (Video, 0:55). The reporter, Michael Moss says that producers of the original hamburger patty have problems with the bacteria e-coli,…show more content…
On one hand I think the artificial meat is a good invention and it is an opportunity to solve world hunger, but it obviously costs a fortune to manufacture the meat. If they can find a cheaper way to produce it, then it will be a good “weapon” to fight world hunger. On the other hand I think that it will maybe not be a good way to combat the hunger, because just one burger patty costs $300.000 it is too expensive to produce just a lit bit of the artificial meat, then how much would large amounts of the meat cost? It will absolutely be an expensive way to do it, if they cannot find a much better way. On a way I see the artificial meat unnecessary, perhaps the meat will have the same properties, nutrients as the original meat by the animals, but I can say with great probability that the artificial meat will never be good as the original meat, it will miss something, such as the taste of the food, it can be impossible for the artificial meat to be juicy as the original

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