Final Diagnosis Report: Sue Smith's College Outbreak

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Final Diagnosis Report- Sue Smith’s College Outbreak Introduction: 18 year old Sue Smith has a slight fever, with a pounding headache and she feels extremely tired. Some of her friends have similar symptoms and hopes it’s just a cold, but after days she is feeling worse and her neck feels extremely tight. Just going of her symptoms we’d though she have the Flu, Influenza, or just a simple cold. By using bioinformatics, which is a field of science that combines biology, computers, and information technology to store and analyze genetic data, viruses and bacteria to help solve a disease outbreak. In particularly Sue’s case, her DNA sequence was put in to the BLAST search database which input someone’s DNA sequence after samples of blood,…show more content…
The glands in her throat are swollen and she has been waking up with a sore throat, with a fever for the past few days. Her boyfriend has been having the same symptoms but refuses to go see a doctor. We ran a test for Meningitis as it came back negative, we ran her DNA through the BLAST database to identify the bacteria completely. It told us that Wanda had Human Herpesvirus 4 strain, which is also known as Mononucleosis. Antibiotics doesn’t work against viral infections such as Mono, treatment mainly involves bed rest and drinking plenty of fluids. Since Strep throat usually comes with the symptoms of Mono, we prescribed a streptococcal. Maggie: She is a singer in a popular band on campus, and she has been keeping an eye on it drinking tea and salt water but one morning she woke up feeling like her throat was on fire. Her head is heavy and she feels like she cannot regulate her temperature. She lives on the same floor as Sue and Jill, but when we test her for Meningitis using the ELISA test they came back negative. We took her blood and ran a BLAST, and identified her bacteria to be Strep. So she will just be taking antibiotics and a streptococcal, to clear the bacteria out of her system.

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