Babies Born With Differences Essay

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Whether it is, just having a pair of clothes or a hot meal on the table. But I was fortunate to be raised in a household filled with so much value, a household that taught me to respect human rights. I was taught not to judge people their multiply differences, many ways of thinking, and different form of life style. Johnson also taught me that ‘differences’ is not acceptable in society and the only thing a difference brings is the fear of the unknown and the mistrust of others. “this is why babies born with a mixture of sex characteristics are routinely altered surgically in order to “fit” the culturally defined categories of female and male (Johnson, pp16-17)”. Johnson also talks about the trouble with differences and if people cannot understand something different it is automatically consider outsider. Johnson also talks about social construct and how society sees people. Society does not care who you think you are because it is going to tell who you are. The moment, we see people with disability; we automatically put them in a box and cannot see anything beyond the box. “Difference is not a matter of the disability itself but of how it is constructed in society and how we then make sure of that construction in our minds to shape how we think about ourselves and other people…show more content…
This means most of them did not work hard to get the advantages. In most cases, privilege is past down from generation to generation and somewhere in pasting down the privilege people forget how privilege they really are in this world. Johnson suggests that in order to fight privilege power and oppression, the job does not only fall to the non-privilege and the oppressed. But the people with privilege and the oppressor must acknowledge what they are doing and fight along with underdogs. That is easier said than done, and that is where I had trouble understanding

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