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While ancient Greece was famously known for its numerous poleis or city-states, two of the city-states were the most popular, influential, large, and essentially powerful among other. They are Athens and Sparta. These two city-states were the reason that the ancient Greece was globally recognized. Although both of these states share a similarity in how they existed or originated, however, there are several differences in how they lived. While the city of Athens was a cultural and economic stronghold in Greece, and fundamentally regarded as the birthplace of western democracy, the opposite was the case in Sparta. Sparta was a society that breeds warriors and proudly so. In this essay, we will explore how the people of Athens and Sparta obtained the right to participate…show more content…
In Athens, women were not eligible to political and social independence. Slave and foreigners were also not included in structuring the government. Instead, male citizens occupy elected and public positions. However, the Athenian had a popular assembly of male citizens. In Sparta, women were similarly excluded from governance. Their responsibility was to produce babies who would eventually be enlisted in the military. Slaves and foreigners were also excluded from participating in structuring the government. The Sparta, however, like the Athenian, had a popular assembly of male citizens who participated in the government. The two kings, the Ephors (the executive branch), and the Gerousia made up the governmental structure of Sparta (Brand, n.d.). The difference in the governmental structures of the two states The government of Athens and Sparta had fundamental differences. Athens was a democratic city-state and allowed citizens to participate in choosing elected representatives. Jurors were chosen by a lottery process and were significantly involved in the Athenian court

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