Human Population Problems

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Introduction In this essay I will talk about the human population, the effects of it all over the world and what might happen in the future if it continues to grow at this rate. The human population is worth researching because it is good to have an idea of the problems of our human population and how this affects other people around the world. This is an important topic to talk about because it has an effect on everyone and is an issue that connects to the main reasons that our world is dying. Main Body The human population has successfully been expanding for thousands and thousands of years but now it’s getting out of control and there is no peaceful way to stop it. If the human population carries on at this rate we would reach 10 billion…show more content…
This means that each day our population increases by 200,500! Every 4 days it goes up by 1,000,000 (1 Million)! That many more people everyday is going to make a huge difference in a year. In October 31, 2011 the human population reached 7 billion! since then it has gone up 300,000,000 (3 billion). Nowadays, in America the normal amount of children to have is 3. Americas population this year is 325,127,634 and now think: for every person in America having 3 kids would be around 975, 382, 902 and then the parents eventually die so you take away 325, 127, 634 from 975, 382, 902 and within a lifespan there would be 650, 255, 268 people. That’s double the population and it is only in America, the third most populated ! Now imagine this in the most populated country, China. Over population, poverty, running out of important resources and eventually countries would get poorer. There are over 100 Million Homeless in the world, Most are Women and Children and there are likely to be double in the next 20 years if the population rate continues. We would soon run out of Helium. Helium isn’t just used for balloons it has other very important uses. Because the gas has extreme melting and boiling points (second on the periodic table after Hydrogen) scientists use it in cryogenics (dealing with the production and effects of very low temperatures),…show more content…
For example, the Spanish Flu. The Spanish Flu (Flu Pandemic) infected 500 million people across the world and killed 50 to 100 million of them (three to five percent of the world's population) making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history. However this barely made a dent in the rate of human population. There have been many ideas for a solution to overpopulation. For example, spreading awareness, limiting the number of children allowed to have by a couple, education in schools about overpopulation and enacting birth control regulations. There is only one that has made a difference, couples are allowed just one child. China is the only country that has this policy so far. The one-child policy was established in 1979. It meant that each couple was allowed just one child. Benefits included increased access to education for all, plus childcare and healthcare offered to families that followed this rule and those who had more than one child didn’t receive these benefits and were fined. This might sound harsh but I think that this is the best way to stable overpopulation because it solves more than one issue. This solution is brilliant because it stop poor couples having more children than they can afford and then soon the amount of homeless would stop growing. Also this solution doesn’t harm anyone and encourages couples to only have one child and if you have enough money

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