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The Giver comparison (book to movie) In this essay I will compare and contrast The Giver book to The Giver movie. The giver is about a boy called Jonas who was born into a community where only sameness exists. By this I mean that everyone is treated the same and nobody can be different. The people of this community aren't aloud to be exposed to stuff like murder, war and different climates. Only one person knows any of these memories or experiences he is called The Giver. At the age of 18 each person is assigned an assignment based on their attitude and character. Jonas was assigned a very special job , the receiver . His task is to hold all the memories and cannot tell anyone about any of the memories. As The Receiver, Jonas,…show more content…
Some of the similarities are that if there are two twin babies, the one that weighs the least gets released, This might not seem to relevant, if this were different the rest of the story would have changed as well. Another similarity is that everything about described about the community in the book was identical to the movie. All the dwellings were white and had a weird shape . All the bicycle, according to what age group they belonged to , were identical and the color of clothing was also the same, I think because of that , the book really helped me visualize the movie . Probably the most significant similarity is the ending. In both the book and the movie , the fact that Jonas had to go through a hard journey to get where he wanted to get is very important because of all the different events in the movie and book. There are other similarities however I feel those are the most important. Now that I have gone over some of the similarities, I will now go over some of the differences. In the movie the community chief assigns the teenager’s assignment via hologram, in the book this is not mentioned so i’m assuming this was not the case.…show more content…
In my opinion, the biggest difference was that when Jonas escaped in the book, nobody noticed and he was able to leave without any hassle , however in the movie , he had to hit his friend Asher and escape from many security guards to get past the border and was being chased by the community chief. There are also many other minor differences such as : the ceremony where they get their assignments lasts 2 days in the movie however in the book they only needed one day, Jonas’s sister learns to ride a bike before she gets it in the book but in the movie she learns after, In the book The Giver memories through Jonas’s back and in the movie he gives them through his wrist. In the movie they grow suspicious of Jonas breaking some of the rules of a receiver where as in the book they don't realize. Jonas shares memories to the baby (Gabriel) that his dad is taking care of hence he is a nurturer this memory is different from the one that he gives him in the movie. Overall, I didn’t like the story of “The Giver” mainly because i’m not really a fan of fantasy stories however I feel that i enjoyed the movie much more than i did the book, mainly because the book got very confusing sometimes . I recommend watching

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