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When I look at the picture of myself. I realize how much I have grown and changed, not only physically, but also mentally in the last couple of years. In 2014, I arrived WVHS in Yakima, WA. I was a neophyte of not the sophomore but “Lower-middle” class. Bequeathing home from Palestine and starting a new life in the U.S, that’s when I clinched I needed to work with people on the fringes of society. As a child growing up in Palestine, life was always fast paced and at times, quite hectic. However, for as long as I can remember there was always an abdication from wars and violence in Middle East. During school holidays, I would travel to the U.S where my dad lives. I started seeing my lucid future in the U.S. Despite suffering many challenges in my life, I proved to be resilient and forged a productive future. From an early age, whenever asked about what I would like to do when I grow up, my answer has always been a professional pharmacist. As time has passed and I have matured as a person, my affinity for health sciences is obvious. I have always wanted to be a pharmacist who has many accolades.…show more content…
I’d like to go into a job where I can work with refugees in Middle East. I must make effort to abet in the amelioration of poverty. Every morning, I begin to ask myself “why will I have thirty food options for breakfast while millions of people around the world will wake up with almost nothing to eat?”. I know that dreams don’t just materialize by themselves; to become successful, I know I have to master numerous important skills. My volunteering and work experiences have instilled in me the importance of efficient prioritization, organization and punctuality. I have since applied these skills throughout working as a tutor of Arabic language at Islamic Mosque, school community services such as; holiday magic and Special Olympics

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