Odysseus Tragic Hero

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As the righteous and noble hero, Odysseus travels from the victory of conquering the city of Troy; he encounters many tragic events that would have made any man give up, but not him. As a tragic hero, Odysseus being the hero of the story will have tragic flaws such as his men being under the spell of Circe’s curse, and His men and himself being trapped in the cave of Polyphemus the cyclops and son of the great Poseidon. Being attacked by Scylla the twelve foot creature with six heads, and then being gulfed up by the Charybdis, a sea monster that swallows an abundant amount of water then belches out destroying nearby ships. These flaws negatively affect Odysseus and his crew by delaying those returns to their families, their homes, to Ithaca. A tragic hero is described as a hero of nobility, selflessness, courageous, but the hero would also encounter major setbacks as the venture forth in their outrageous escapade. Odysseus is considered a tragic hero because he is selfless about himself when it comes to erratic situations, and would never leave his men behind regardless the difficulty. Odysseus shows his true heroics when he is faced with dangerous or difficult events. He would not be so harsh and rash, Odysseus would think before he does. He would also not be so ignorant to the…show more content…
As the men would want to kill the cyclops Odysseus would halt them and think of a strategy to get him and his men free. He would trick the cyclops by telling his name was “Nohbody”, and would make an escape door for his men by blinding the cyclops and making Polyphemus (the cyclops) open the cave entrance. In doing so his men would have to escape, but it wouldn’t be that easy since the cyclops was in a blind rage literally. So Odysseus and his men would have to dress up as sheep, so that if they were to be in grasp of the cyclops they would be set free since they were only

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