Dante's Inferno Sins

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“Abandon all hope ye who enters.” These are the infamous words written on the gates of hell described by Dante Alighieri in his first part of the divine comedy The Inferno. The Inferno is about a pilgrim named Dante and his journey through hell with the poet Virgil as his guide. On their journey they travel through the nine circles of hell and encounter the sinners who commit one of the seven deadly sins. These sins are lust, envy, gluttony, sloth, greed, anger and pride. Each of these sins have severe punishments in hell that fit the crime. The first circle Dante and Virgil walk through is Limbo. Those in Limbo are born before Jesus and the start of Christianity. They are not admitted into for that reason alone. They are not sinners, but do…show more content…
Geryon is a beast with a human head, lion paws, and a scorpion tale. He is the representative of what will be found in the circle. The circle holds those found guilty of fraud. They attract people and then stab them in the back. Much like the Geryon who attracts people with his human face and stings them with his tale. Geryon explains to the two that the eight circle is called the Malebolge and is divided into ten Bolgia. The first Bolgia is for panderers and seducers. Here souls are whipped by demons while marching in line. The next Bolgia has flatterers, who exploited others by using compliments, these souls are condemned to be submerged in excrement, which is representative of what came out of their mouth. The third Bolgia features the simoniacs, who would fraud holy powers, such as sacraments. Those who did this are stuck head first in a hole with their feet burning, in reverse baptism. The fourth Bolgia has those souls guilty of being illusionist and fortune tellers. These people tried to commit acts of god and for that they have their heads twisted. They tried to predict the future and now are forced to always look back and never see what is up ahead from them again. The fifth Bolgia has corrupt politician, who are immersed boiling tar. The stickiness of the tar is representative of their sticky fingers. The sixth Bolgia features hypocrites who are weighted down by lead clothing. They gave information they did not believe them self which slowed their progression and others. The lead clothes hold them down, and they can no longer make any progress in the afterlife. Thieves are found in Bolgia seven. Here the souls are chased and bitten by snakes, then the snakes begin to merge with their victims creating a new creature. Thieves stole and were slimy like snakes, they could not be trusted and are now force to become one. The souls found in Bolgia eight are evil counselors, they used their position in

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