Athletic Training Research Paper

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When some people think about sports they often think about athletes with amazing talent, Sunday night football and eating a hotdog under the bright lights at a baseball game. People are sometimes too distracted by the sweat, the yelling, and the determination of the team to commend the people who make Saturday college football and Sunday night football happen. Among those people making sports possible are the athletic trainers. An athletic trainer’s job is to do “the assessment and improvement of the athletic performance, the diagnosis and treatment of athletic injuries, and the prevention of injuries and other sports-related medical problems” (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia). Although football is a man’s sport, females have been trying…show more content…
Sexual harassment is found in all lines of work, but it is a much larger issue for women who are athletic trainers. Although sexual harassment has no exact definition to cover it’s wide interpretation, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has defined it as an “unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of sexual harassment” (Velasquez). Two studies conducted by the National Athletic Training association showed shocking results about sexual harassment. Both studies consisted of the same 100 athletic trainers, the first study showed that “37% of the female Athletic Trainers surveyed reported sexual harassment” (Velasquez). The second study found that “40% of males surveyed perceived that female athletic trainers were sexually harassed” (Velasquez) but not a single one ever reported any of these events. Women do not only face gender provocation but also sexual harassment. With the concern of sexually harassment comes the issue that many do not even realize there is a policy and what it…show more content…
Working in a place of all meals can be very difficult, but "female athletic trainers must show confidence and calmness all while being vocal about their beliefs and goals to demonstrate that there are capable of working in a 'man's world’” (Graf). Females were created to be mothers and it is a known fact that this motherly instinct might come in handy. Two men by the names of Harden and Whiteside came up with the term "mom team" when "discussing discrimination among women in sports"(Graf). Having the motherly factor will "help retain more women in the workplace"(Graf) and hopefully be able to make it just as much a female world as it is male. Based on these facts it seems as if women were meant to be athletic trainers and put their natural skills to use. These so called “motherly instinct” come natural so women might have skills they can teach males about athletic trainer. Women are working tremendously hard to make a breakthrough in at athletic trainer and it looks like that’s finally starting to

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