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Greek and Roman Representation in Today’s Video Game Culture Greek and Roman culture and history has had a very large impact on the world of video games today. It is hard to find a single video game that does not have some sort of Greek representation or Roman inspiration. But why do video games have some many Greek and Roman representations? What video games have these inspirations? Why not try to find out. One of the video games with the largest number of Greek inspiration and representations is the Pokemon franchise. Pokemon is a video game series produced by GameFreak and is the second best selling video game franchise in the world. The games have been produced for almost 20 years now and the number of Greek and Roman representations have only grown. The first form of Greek and Roman representation comes through the English names for some Pokemon. Currently, there are 13 Pokemon that have a Greek word or reference in their name. Some of these Pokemon include, the Bulbasaur line, with saur being the Greek suffix meaning lizard. Cresselia, whose name is a combination of crescent and Selene, the latter being the Greek goddess of the moon. Aegislash, whose name is a combination of Aegis, the Greek word for shield, and slash. Finally, a personal favorite of mine being Ampharos, whose name is a combination of ampere and pharos, the…show more content…
There are many towns, cities, and other locations with Greek and Roman influence. The first of these being Michina Town, which was featured in the Pokemon anime, which is filled with ancient temples that resemble temples from ancient Greece. Also in the Pokemon anime, the Striation City gym’s exterior features columns of Doric order, inspired by Roman architecture. This is also the case with the Viridian City gym. Not to mention, many of the names of cities, towns, and other locations are, much like Pokemon names, use words from the Greek

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