Theme Of Friendship In Chaim Potok's The Chosen

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Friendships are an important part of a human’s life. The Chosen, a book written by Chaim Potok, elaborates on this theme deeply. His writings in The Chosen guides readers on how important a friend truly is and the troubles that come with a friendship. The main character and narrator in the book -- Reuven Malter is a Modern Orthodox Jew, while the other main character Danny Saunders is a Hasidic Jew. The two met through the bad conditions, but through that experience that they build a strong relationship that ultimately gets tested through hardships and distance. The Chosen depicts a friendship that gives color to one’s life, be it through the joy, hardship, and distance of the relationship. Danny and Reuven enjoy life with each other in the simplest things everyday. When they first met, they would often be…show more content…
It happened in the most unexpected way. Reb Saudners demanded for Reuven to be excommunicated for his father was actively promoting a political act which he did not agree on. “Danny was not to see me, talk to me, listen to me, be found within four feet of me”(231). Danny honored his father, and even though it tore his heart, he broke the news to Reuven and did not speak to him for the next two years. Those two years were painful and Reuven heart burned with agony as he saw Danny everyday. He was bitter that his best friend choose to honor his father’s “stupid” ban. He did not understand it and tried to live on life without him. Later on, his father suffered a heart attack. This plunged Reuven to a low state of life, and he sorely missed his best friend. Danny knew about this and tried to give Reuven some sort of comfort by brushing his hand against Reuven’s when walking pass him. Reuven then realized that his friend still cared for him, and he was comforted. The ban lasted two years and it was over. The two’s friendship resumed immediately, they had passed the

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