How Does John Lennon Make The World A Better Place Without Religion

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Imagine by John Lennon is a global well known song that everyone adores. However, no one really understands what the song resembles and what message was John Lennon trying to explain. John Lennon attempts to explain to us the world he sees as the perfect place to live by religion, countries and selfishness. John Lennon perceives religion by making the world a worse place than a better place. “Nothing to live or die for, or no religion too”(Lennon). This tells us that John Lennon believes that the world would be a better place without religion. A quote said by Americanstudies says that John Lennon is making a point that religion is bringing more catastrophe and negativity than chaos. “Subtly, I think he is trying to make the point that religion has brought more catastrophe and negativity into the world than chaos” (Americanstudies.wordpress)…show more content…
The idea of one religion being better than the other separates society into several groups by having prejudicial beliefs amongst one another. This does not bring us together as a whole and neglects the world to being “one.” Another example of this would be when a priest came up to John Lennon. The priest asked John Lennon if he could change the lyrics to “Imagine one religion.” John Lennon was outraged and said, “People just don’t get it, and I’m disappointed by that.” This shows that what the priest was trying to achieve as literally against the song, which means he never understood the

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