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Beautiful, extravagant, and over the top all describe some of the best Broadway hits and Florence Ziegfeld's production with The Follies girls is not one to be left out. The women of his show were every man’s dream, and every woman’s desire to become. The Ziegfeld Follies are a part of Broadway's musical-theatre history, not only for the beautiful women in it, but also for the production behind it. The Follies image showed the ideal woman, as perceived by society, which is one of the main reasons why the show became so popular. The Follies girls had key characteristics and exceptional beauty that had to be specifically casted to align with this image of the perfect woman in the 1900s. This standard of what the perfect woman looks like is skewed in today’s society compared to the idealization of the early 1900s.…show more content…
From dancing to singing, The Follies girls had to be exceptional at what they did. The main idea behind this production was burlesque dancing even though burlesque dancing was not considered to be very classy until Ziegfeld took up the idea. Incorporating classical ballet and burlesque, Ziegfeld created The Follies. The production was classy and tasteful, and something that had never been seen on Broadway before. “Ziegfeld made a myth of the American extravaganza” (2). The audience would get away from their ordinary life in New York City, and escape to a magical place when entering the theatre. The show consisted of acts, dances, and tableau vivant, which are live pictures presented in front of the audience. The Follies women were very beautiful, but also very skilled in their art. The Follies girls were performing their acts in highly structured costumes for their time. There was nudity during the acts, but it was

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