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A Woman Like No Other The play Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, full of rich characters and a convoluted plotline. There is much opposition in the play, from sheer violence to darkest of tricks, but none more so than Lady Macbeth’s opposition to societal norms. Lady Macbeth is an intriguing character, to say the least, and she defies stereotypes. While she is a good hostess, her actions are not those of a future mother, as would be expected in the time period. Plus, she cleverly exerts power in her marriage as well, and isn’t pleased being an inherently soft woman. Unfortunately, this opposition and ambition lead to her downfall, but it must be noted that she did soar first. Lady Macbeth is typical in one thing and one thing only: she’s a phenomenal hostess. Good enough, in fact, to warrant a thank-you jewel from Duncan. She is the first waiting when guests arrive at the castle, ready to help. But her role as “most kind hostess” (2.1.19) is likely just be part of the plan to convince Duncan and co. that everything is normal and that they have nothing to fear (they do).…show more content…
She takes it upon herself to gain power through manipulation of her husband, whom she considers "too full o' th’ milk of human kindness," (1.5.17) to take the throne alone. Throughout the entire play, she pushes Macbeth to act. She appeals to his sense of manhood, calling him a “coward in thine own esteem,” (1.7.47). She, many times, appeals to his courage and bravery to convince him, proving that they defy the norm: Lady Macbeth is far stronger than her spineless husband, who must be prompted to act. She pushes and pulls, commands, insults, and compliments Macbeth, all for the sake of her Queendom. She knows her influence and uses it, "pour[ing her] spirits in [Macbeth's] ear" (1.5.29). This also leads to her downfall- she loses control and her

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