Argumentative Essay Football

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Almost two-thirds of U.S. adults currently watch NFL football. In other words, 64% of Americans watch football. Imagine what would happen if we decided, all of the sudden, to change the game. This would not be taken lightly by the millions of football fans throughout North America. The game of football has been around for many years, and now, is not the time to change it. One reason for this is that football can teach very important life lessons, to both children and adults alike. If a child started playing football at a young age, they could learn and improve their social and leadership skills. This is important, because social and leadership skills are much needed in daily life. John Keilman states that football is a team sport; requiring everyone to contribute. Since football is a team sport, by playing, players are learning to work with other people, Opponents of this argument may claim that football encourages children to act out violently. However, although football involves seemingly violent actions; violent tendencies outside of the game, depend largely on the person himself.…show more content…
Even while knowing of the potential danger, they still made the decision to play. These football players signed a contract to play, and are aware of the consequences of the game. In the NFL locker rooms, they have set up a poster that warns players of concussions; including ways to avoid and deal with them. This shows that the NFL cares for their players, and that they are doing their best to protect them from injury. Others may state that the NFL is not doing enough to protect it’s players. Even so, players are aware of the consequences, and should not place blame on the NFL in the event that an injury does
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