College Football Argumentative Essay

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Football is a huge segment in American history. Wherever you go, a football game is playing and the fans cannot contain their excitement. Half of the enthusiasm is for College level football. High School football stars are receiving full scholarships to amazing Colleges and devoting their lives to football. They legally cannot receive any pay for playing football at the College, but they accept extraneous gifts such as brand new cars, clothing, and even A’s in their classes. College football causes tuition prices to increase, players to get lifelong injuries, and causing college education budgets to shrink. Is it time to change the game? Yes. Colleges throw too much money into their football programs at the expense of other students…show more content…
When the Colleges realize what money they have spent on sports, they try to fill the gap by tapping into the students tuition. Some Universities view football as a revenue generator that they can use to support the college. They view college football as its own justification for the large team budgets and coaches’ salaries. (Mangrum, Ben) They spend the majority of the tuition on sports, especially football, and in the end, raise the tuition to an even more absurd price. In 2012, the average tuition for Auburn University was $250,000 for four years. In the same four years of 2012, Auburn University spent $39,069,676 on their football program alone. (Gaines, Cork) 39 million is an insane amount of money to spend on one sport. The price of their football program continuously raises tuition every year. I know there is some talk about banning the game to allow students to receive a better education and make it fair to all students, but that doesn’t need to happen. All the game needs is to go back to being about the game, go back to the basics. Big no-nos that go on in college football are star players receiving gifts for their playing, receiving A’s in classes they do nothing in, and too much money going into the football programs which raises tuition. These are aspects of the game that need to be

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