Pride And Prejudice Comparison Research Paper

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Pride and Prejudice is an old novel written in the eighteen hundreds by Jane Austen. The film, Bride and Prejudice was filmed in 2004 and is an Indian custom movie. Both of them have similarities and the film helps audience understand the novel better. However, they do have a couple of differences. Some things that were really important in the novel were money, social class, reputation, and values. The film did portray them but differently from the way that the novel did. Most of the novel’s setting took place in Loungborn, London during the 1800’s. The time and setting has a lot to do with the reasons things happened in the novel. The novel introduces how much money is important to the characters. In contrast, the film, Bride and Prejudice,…show more content…
The narrator mentions how they were associated with people of rank. Then, the social rank defined you. The more money you had, the more power, opportunity, and different lifestyle you had. Those certain things differed you from the lower social class. People back then married a person from their own class. The chances to marry someone of a different class were rare. If a higher class married a lower class than theirs, then their reputation was lowered. In the novel, Darcy says, “Mr. Collins appears very fortunate in his choice of a wife.” Darcy mentions that because he was trying to not lower Mr. Collins reputation just for liking a person of a lower class. However, if a lower class married a higher class, they were seen a bit better. ”It is a truth and universally acknowledge, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” The narrator mentions how men with fortune just wanted to get married. In the novel, Mrs. Bennet wanted her daughters to marry a higher class, but Darcy thought about even liking Elizabeth twice. In the film, Mrs. Bennet just wanted to marry her daughters and Mr. Bennet does too but not as much as Mrs. Bennet. Mr. Bennet says, “Yes, yes, they must marry, there is nothing else to be done.” In contrast from the novel, in the film, when Darcy was with Elizabeth, people didn’t say anything about their social class difference, neither

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