Argumentative Essay On Youth Football

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Football is one of the most popular youth sports in America, with hundreds of thousands of kids participating in it every year. There are many levels ranging from youth to pro and each level brings parents and fans excited to see athletes play. Playing the sport of football itself is exciting, but being part of the team and just telling people that's what you do as a fall sport, is exhilarating. I always wanted to play football, but my parents were well aware of the possible injuries sustained in the sport, so they were very hesitant to let me play. I had a couple of my friends’ parents, who were involved in the football program, approach them about me trying out, stating that with my “athletic ability” I would be a phenomenal football player. Finally, with one year of eligibility left, I signed up. In my town of Marblehead, youth football is taken very seriously, and it is expected that everyone has to pay their dues.…show more content…
I was not worried about tryouts since I had been informed that a first year player had never made the A-team, they were always subjected to one of the two lower teams. I knew where my place would be. Supposedly tryouts are not even real tryouts, since the coaches have traditionally stuck with the kids they trained year in and year out, resulting in the same team annually. I still tried my hardest, even though it seemed my fate had already been decided. All my friends had been playing football since they were nine years old, and they were the core guys every year for the number one team, the A-Team. When tryouts came to an end I was exhausted. I was worn out not only physically but mentally too, trying to learn the sport in such a short time was not easy. A week that felt like forever had finally passed and with tryouts over I was excited to find out who was on my team, and to get ready for the season to

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