Argumentative Essay: The Physics Of Football

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The game of football is one of the most loved sports in the United States. It is a game of mental and physical strength, but what allot of people don't realize is that it is a game of physics. When a quarterback throws the ball, it is affected by factors like wind resistance, distance, weight, and gravity. When a running back runs the ball he accelerates. A defensive player uses momentum and impulse to make tackles. Football is surrounded by physics that we don’t see. We’ll look more deeply into the physics and how they affect the players, positions, and outcome of the game. The most glorified position in football is the quarterback. Not only does a quarterback have to be smart and strong, he has to be able to make a decision in a matter of…show more content…
“Defence wins championships” is what my coach always says, and physics play a huge part in making tackles and catching up to opponents.After the snap and the linebacker sees the running back is moving in the open field, he has momentum. On the off chance that the ball transporter has more momentum than the tackler, he will hit the tackler again with a force that is equivalent to the difference between the two players, and will probably break free from the tackle and continue down field. Now if the tackler has more energy than the running back, the running back will be hit backwards with a force equivalent to the difference between the two players. If both players have the same amount of momentum at the point of impact, the running back’s forward motion will stop and they will both more than likely keep fighting for a couple more second until one of them falls to the floor. Coaches frequently advise their players to tackle a runner low. When this happens, the runner's feet will be turned around toward the tackle. If a defensive player tries to make a tackle and hits the offensive player near his center of mass, it will be allot harder to knock him over than if the tackle was made low like at the feet. Lineman stay low also because it is harder for someone to move them when they are low to the ground. Defensive players owe a lot to physics, and from what I have seen, they probably have no idea why their caches told them to do all

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