How Did The Social Structure Contribute To The French Revolution

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5. How did the French social structure contribute to the French Revolution? The French social structure contributed to the revolution because of inequality. There were three estates of this social structure which all had a very important role in the French Revolution. The lowest people, who were poor and in extreme poverty, were known as the third estate. This estate was treated poorly by the other estates and the government. This estate also could not vote very easily. This third estate was given unfair taxations. And due to the inability to vote against these taxations this class upset with the government. The middle class people, the second estate, had major troubles voting in their government. They had the problems…show more content…
Thus contributing to the revolution. 3. How was the Russian campaign the demise of Napoleon? Napoleon wanted to invade Russia and he had failed and a few years later this choice led to his fall. The reason Napoleon had chosen to invade was because Russia refused to stay in the Continental System, which Napoleon then saw that he must invade Russia. Napoleon knew this was very risky but it must be done because if it was not other nations would do the same as Russia. Napoleon had an army of 600,000 known as the Grand Army. Napoleon wanted to have a quick battle but the Russians refused to fight which led Napoleon and his arm to retreat for miles. While Napoleon and his army were retreating Russian people burned down their own villages to keep Napoleon from finding food. The Grand Army had reached Moscow and had discovered that there was no food or supplies in which Napoleon’s Grand Army could not use to aid them. The Grand Army had to leave this city and Napoleon led the “Great Retreat” in which thousands of soldiers had died on the way from starving and freezing to death. Only about forty thousand soldiers were left in Napoleon’s Grand Army when they reached Poland. This failure

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