Argumentative Essay: Should College Football Players Be Paid

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Should college football players be paid,I always say the question of whether they should get paid is the wrong one. I think the question is, “If the NCAA weren’t colluding against them, would they get paid?” And the answer is, “Yes, they would.” We all should have the right to earn what we’re worth, to go in and ask for it, and if we’re not worth much, we won’t get much. The fact that the NCAA is so adamantly insisting on enforcin College athletes have very little extra time to get a job and to get money for themselves when they do have free time. Some college athletes can barely afford to feed themselves daily. College athletes work harder than most of the normal students at the university. Most of them have early morning practice before they get to class and practice again after class.g a rule to prevent anyone from getting paid I think is a good sign that if the rule weren’t there, they would.And they work hard and show they want to be there.And they keep there grades up to be in football.The top college…show more content…
They have to balance school and practice schedules. Pros have to do only one of those things. Also, student athletes can't get side jobs for spending money with their schedule. Pros get paid to represent their team and make fame to that team.But not all athletes should be paid because there are athletes that were just lucky to make the team or don’t provide a contribution though it’s sad to say but it’s the truth. Some college athletes don’t have time to get a job with being a student and the responsibilities of being an athlete at the same time. Then some of the scholarships they receive don’t fully cover their tuition while they bring in millions of dollars that go to the coaches and staff without seeing a

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